‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunner Hints at Trouble Ahead for Travis and Madison

Society is slowly crumbling as the Infected grow in numbers on Fear The Walking Dead and the event will put a strain on Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis’ (Cliff Curtis) relationship as they try and figure out how to deal.

Last night fans got their first taste of sh*t getting real in the third episode of the series. Not only were police in still LA trying to deal with the riots that broke out during episode two, but as Travis, his family and the Salazars saw on their way home, they were also trying to make the dead stay dead while half of the city lost power.

Things definitely won’t be getting better any time soon and a big part of surviving the zombie apocalypse (aside from having a solid group to belong to) is learning how to live in the new world, which means accepting that killing becomes a daily thing. When showrunner Dave Erickson talked to The Hollywood Reporter about last night’s episode, he revealed that the situation we saw with Madison wanting to kill her zombie neighbor and Travis stopping her, is indicative of how both will face the end of the world as we know it moving forward.

On how the apocalypse will effect Travis and Madison’s relationship:

“The apocalypse will draw out Madison and Travis’ differences more and more. Travis is a fixer — he believes anything and everything can be repaired; there’s always a corner to turn. There’s always a fix. Madison, like Daniel, is far more skeptical, far less trusting. This will continue to be an issue for them. Madison and Travis love each other deeply, but their relationship will fracture.”

On Daniel Salazar’s “take care of business” attitude:

“Daniel and Griselda escaped El Salvador at the height of the war there — for Daniel, the arrival of the military is a mixed blessing at best. There has been an outbreak, a contagion, and the arriving soldiers, he fears, will see every civilian as a potential threat, a danger. Travis sees salvation, the “Calvary has arrived.” Daniel sees a vice closing. He has seen this before.”

On how Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) will deal now that they’ve witness the Infected firsthand:

“Chris, like his father, will search for opportunities to help, to save. Alicia, the one character whose future was the most clearly defined, will cling to elements of the past, of the life she once had.”

If you want to see what else Erickson had to say about last night’s episode, head on over to The Hollywood Reporter for the full interview.

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