Kristian Nairn Talks ‘Game of Thrones,’ Being a DJ, Fans, and More!


Game of Thrones fans know Kristian Nairn as the lovable giant of few words Hodor, but when the actor/DJ stopped by Dragon Con this year, he had plenty to say about his time on the show, his love of music and more. The actor stopped by Atlanta’s annual convention to meet fans, chat with press and have a good time, all of which he appeared to be doing when we talked to him.

When Nairn isn’t busy playing Hodor on Game of Thrones, he spends his time sharing his love of music with the world as a DJ. “I was always a very prolific club-goer,” the star said about how he got his start in the music business. “I used to go to the clubs a lot when I was a kid. Much too young to be going to the clubs, I might add. I was always a musician. I always played the guitar, piano and stuff… I watched what the DJs were doing and the reaction they would get and I thought ‘I want to do that,’ and I want to take what I feel with my music and share it with people and see if I get the same reaction.”

Naturally we had to ask him what songs he thought would make his character’s playlist, and he gave us some surprising (but good!) answers. “Something quite repetitive like “Macerena”… he likes his dance routines… “Silence” by Delerium – he’s a quiet guy, so “Silence.” I don’t think it’s going to be too hardcore techno or something like that.”

Nairn has had a lot of spare time to DJ over the last year, since Hodor didn’t make an appearance at all during season five, and you can bet the actor missed being around his co-stars who are like a family to him. “It was strange watching season five and knowing that we weren’t going to pop up at some occasion,” he said. “We definitely are like a family. Especially with me living in Belfast, knowing that they all were there and filming and stuff it was very strange that I wasn’t taking part, but it’s all good-gave me a lot of time to do other stuff.”

The actor seemed to be enjoying his time at the con and one of his favorite parts about it may surprise you. “It feels completely different. Completely different,” he laughed. “There’s a real buzz about the place. Everyone’s really excited… It seems to be people are here for a party, which is different. It’s more about the people that come than us, which is good! There’s plenty of conventions which are all about us, it’s good that it’s for the fans.”

See what else Kristian had to say aboutGame of Thrones and his life as a DJ in the full interview below:

Thanks so much to Dragon Con and Kristian for the fantastic interview!

Video/Photo Credit: FanBolt/Emma Loggins

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