‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ First Look Takes Fans Inside the Hotel Cortez

The first look at American Horror Story: Hotel takes us inside the mysterious, dangerous-and living?!-Hotel Cortez.

The two minute video is enough to give fans a taste of the twisted season that lies ahead. Not only will threats lie within the Hotel Cortez, but apparently the hotel itself is a threat, a la The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel and AHS season one’s Murder House. There’s commentary from cast members including Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer as well as behind the scenes shots of the beautiful sets and costumes that play a big part in helping the actors get into character.

As soon as the video opens, Kathy Bates, as hotel manager Iris, warns, “This building has a heart as black as the ace of spades…and you’re sleeping in it,” letting us know that the structure itself is a force to be reckoned with. Matt Bomer, who plays Donovan in the series, confirms that the hotel is “sort of this hotbed of evil activity.”

Sarah Paulson teases that she thinks this season will be “a very bloody season. It’s dark it’s moody, it’s hot.”

Closing out the inside look is this season’s highly anticipated new addition, Lady Gaga. “I can’t wait for you to check into my hotel.” We have a feeling she’s been having way too much fun playing the sexy, blood-drinking Countess and can only hope that enthusiasm will come across throughout the season.

Take a deeper look inside the Hotel Cortez if you dare:

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American Horror Story: Hotel will air Wednesdays at 10 PM E/P on FX beginning October 7th.

Photo Credit: Youtube


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