‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunner on Nick’s Future, Military Presence and More

The characters in Fear The Walking Dead aren’t feeling the threat of the zombie apocalypse as much as they are the immediate threat of the military, an issue that may only get worse before it gets better.

In last night’s episode, the fear of the government and the unknown were both demonstrated. Madison (Kim Dickens) decided to venture outside of the fence and got a small taste of what the world and the military were all about now, which is basically death and destruction. Inside of the fences, a government doctor (Sandrine Holt) was making her rounds, appearing to want to help, but when push came to shove everyone ended up blindsided by the way the “help” was put into practice.

Showrunner Dave Erickson dished on how long we can expect the military to hang around as well as what lies ahead for our characters after that dramatic ending.

On how long military prescence will play a role in the show

“It’s not going to be a long-term battle with the military. One of the reasons we did this time jump between episodes three and four — and opened up the fence and created this safe-zone —was because we wanted to stay with our blended family within our neighborhood and continue to keep the characters somewhat insulated from the absolute reality of the apocalypse. It also allows the story to move on in a way where, when we get to the end of our season, we’re not quite at a place where Rick wakes up from his coma. There’s still some real estate to explore, there’s still some discoveries for our characters to make in terms of how much the apocalypse has progressed, how much damage has it done, and this is the new reality they’re going to have to embrace. There’s a turn with the military in which it will not be an ongoing battle for the civilian population vs. the military population.”

On whether or not there’s any hope of Nick getting himself together

“There’s hope for us all. You can make two choices in the apocalypse: You can either surrender to it or you can maintain your hope and you can maintain the possibility of some kind of change. Nick, in many ways, has been living in his own apocalypse for quite some time. He’s one of those characters who seems to be beyond redemption, but the life he’s been living for the past six years may be exactly the training that is needed to survive. The people who are the most put-together before the apocalypse strikes are the ones that probably are going to suffer the most. The people who are already living on the fringes, it’s almost like the water’s a little bit warmer for them.”

On what’s ahead in episode five

“Everything is going to come to a head because five is our penultimate episode and then we hit the finale and the season is done. It will be a clash. It may not necessarily be a clash of our people against the guard, but the tension is going to rise and there may be weapons involved.”

To read more of what Erickson had to say about the military presence, where the series timeline will be by season’s end and more, head on over to The Hollywood Reporter.

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