‘The Royals’ Creator Teases What’s Ahead for Royal Family


From the multiple paternity scandals to the morally questionable new king, stakes are high all around in the new season of The Royals.

As we saw in the season 2 trailer, the new episodes look like they kick all the aspects of season one that we loved up a few notches. There will be more sex, more drama, more mystery and, my personal favorite, more snark.

Creator and EP Mark Schwahn gave Entertainment Weekly some scoop on what to expect from our favorite aristocrats this season and it sounds like fans should prepare themselves for more plotting than ever.

Here’s a little tidbit about what fans can look forward to from their favorite hot mess royal family:

  • Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley): “With this order to change the order of succession, she’s one step away from the throne if something were to befall Cyrus. They’ve been thick as thieves but they’re still thieves those two.”
  • King Cyrus (Jake Maskall): “We’ll find out what that is, and who that is, and whether or not Cyrus will be held accountable — whether, in fact, that is his child. We’ll hear from Prudence.” said Schwahn of Cyrus’ paternity troubles from last season.
  • Prince Liam (William Moseley): “He’s pretty driven to avenge his father’s death.”
  • Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park): ““As we know from Eleanor’s past, we have seen her make all kinds of choices whether it was dating guys or girls — but I’m not saying it is,” Schwann teased.
  • Ophelia (Merritt Patterson): ““We left her in New York. We don’t know if she’ll stay there.”
  • The Dutchess (Joan Collins): “I think of the Queen as a master manipulator, well the Queen learned from her mother quite well. The Grand Duchess, she can influence some people when she wants to. We know she has a good relationship with Cyrus, so that’s probably a good direction to look in.”

Schwahn penned and directed episode 201 which will premiere Nov. 15th on E!.

Let us know what you’d like to see happen in the new season below!

Photo Credit: E!


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