‘Scream Queens’ EP on ‘Scream’ Differences, Chanel #3’s Earmuffs and More

The audacious, politically incorrect, bloody ride that is Scream Queens premiered last night and now show boss Brad Falchuk is spilling the bloody details of how the show will remain different from Scream, what’s ahead for the meanest Chanel of them all and what’s up with Chanel #3’s earmuffs.

If you tuned into the series premiere of the new horror comedy (like we did), you were treated to two hours of over-the-top characters, snark and bitchiness galore and plenty of deaths (by the end of the second episode, four characters had already bitten the dust at the hands of the Red Devil).

Now that the secret is out, Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy’s partner in crime and co-creator of the series, is teasing what’s ahead for the ladies of KKT in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

On the difference between Scream and Scream Queens

“We were very consciously trying not to do what I think the Scream movies did really well — how they deconstruct the horror film genre. It took characters that were aware. They had seen the movies, and they weren’t going to get caught in those traps, or if they were, they were commenting on it. We didn’t want to do that. We wanted it to go back to the ignorance of characters in terms of those horror movie tropes so they could experience them a little more innocently or naively. We wanted to put all those tropes in there and use them in a way that we weren’t self-aware about them. I think making a choice to do that would have been the wrong choice. I think Scream did it better than anybody could. If we started doing that, it would be tonally like that, and we didn’t want it to be like that. Instead, we decided to say you know what, everyone knows these tropes, but if we can entertain it enough and make it fun and interesting enough, then no one’s going to mind that we’re using them again.”

On whether or not there’s a possibility of seeing some Chanel character evolution

“Yes and no. There’s always a little bit of growth to occur in any character over the course of a season, especially when the season is anthology based. At the same time, part of what’s fun about her is that she is kind of that mean girl. You’ll get backstory and find out a few things about her and understand why she’s doing that. There are moments when she says, “You know, maybe I shouldn’t be this awful.” But I think she’s more interesting because she doesn’t feel she needs to be redeemed. She’s not looking to learn anything. She’s looking to get what she wants, and in the process of doing that, she starts to think, “Maybe what I want right now is actually to be connected to this girl, to be nice to this girl.” So it’s not about what she should do but what she wants right now. I think she’s more interesting if we’re not going to soften her.”

On what’s up with Chanel #3’s earmuffs

“There is a very specific reason why she wears them, and you find out in either episode six or seven. We find out why she wears the earmuffs, but it’s not just fashion. It’s necessity. The funny thing with that is that it didn’t start as a necessity. It started as fun, and then once we had them and it looked great, it was like, “Oh, we’ve got to give a good reason for it.” So we put that in there.”

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