‘The Muppets’ Co-Creator Bill Prady on What’s Ahead for Kermit and Miss Piggy, Media’s Coverage of Series

The Muppets made their return to TV last night, with a premiere episode that had a more adult feel, but still brought the multi-layered laughs so kids could also enjoy.

Co-creator Bill Prady, who used to work for original Muppets original Jim Henson, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about whether or not we should hold out hope for a Miss Piggy/Kermit reconciliation and how he feels about the backlash the media has received for reporting on the characters as if they were real, among other things.

On backlash received for the media reporting on the Muppets as real people

“This is not a question for me, this is a question for media critics. I have no idea how to respond to that. As a person putting a TV show on the air, I can only say I am delighted when people are paying attention to the TV show I am trying to put on the air. Think about this: Every year, every local news station on Dec. 24 has their weatherman give a report about a sleigh being pulled by reindeer that’s been sighted and NORAD every year reports the location of Santa Claus. Is that a reasonable thing for people to do? I say absolutely, 100 percent. Granted, it’s an audacious comparison because The Muppets are an intellectual property owned by a profit-making corporation and Santa Claus is a jolly old elf, but I think culturally, exercising in group make believe is kind of wonderful. As a viewer, I kind of like it.”

On what’s ahead for Kermit and Miss Piggy

“We have a great episode coming up that we’re in the middle of shooting and it’s the first birthday that Denise is having now that she’s going out with Kermit. He has to go out and buy that first important present. And he’s lousy at buying presents. There’s so much pressure and Piggy says, “Would you like some help? You know I’m the best at this.” Of course Piggy is. Shopping is her superpower. When Piggy helps Kermit buy a present for Denise, and she does, it is dead-on perfect and she loves it. My question is: What is Piggy doing? I think she’s doing the kind of messed up thing we do — is Piggy trying to get Kermit back? It seems to me that she does not seem to have moved on. For Kermit, if he selected a girlfriend based on someone who isn’t like his ex, have you moved on? If your love life still contains elements you can trace to your last relationship, have you moved on? These are conversations I look forward to having.”

For the full scoop on The Muppets, you can read the rest of Prady’s interview over at THR.

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