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Home Entertainment ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Teases What’s Ahead for Morgan During Season 6
‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Teases What’s Ahead for Morgan During Season 6

‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Teases What’s Ahead for Morgan During Season 6


The Walking Dead star Lennie James plays the enigmatic Morgan, Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) season one friend-turned-crazy person-turned-who-knows-what when the show returns for its sixth season.

When we last saw Morgan, he walked back into Rick’s life at the exact moment his old friend ended Pete’s (Corey Brill), making for a slightly awkward reunion. If you watched the trailer that premiered during Comic-Con and took a look at this season’s poster, you may be more than a little worried about the status of one of the show’s oldest apocalypse bromances. Thankfully, Lennie has opted to clear some of those worries up for fans…or not… during a recent chat with EW.

Read on to find out some of what the English actor had to say:

On Rick and Morgan’s relationship

“I think Morgan’s biggest fear about Rick is that Rick is where Morgan used to be. I mean that’s obvious, really, and he knows that mindset, and he knows that world, and he knows what that kind of does to you, and what it potentially could do to Rick, but also what it could do to the people around him.

It’s very much an exploration of, where are you? What’s going on? And Morgan is in a different place than when we last saw him in season 3. One of the things that’s really important in the dynamic between Rick and Morgan is Rick is the last person on earth who knows who Morgan is. And despite Rick’s long relationship with the group and all the people there, Morgan is the guy who knew him at the beginning. So, they have a bond — whether they like it or not — and they have to figure that out and that’s kind of what happens through certainly the first part of season 6.”

On Morgan’s current frame of mind

One of the brilliant things of playing him is joining the dots. So, linking the guy you saw who was three weeks ahead of Rick in the pilot, and then the guy who had lost his mind in “Clear” in season 3, and linking those guys and making sure that not just that you play who he is in the situation, but who he used to be in carrying that along with him.

So the thing I had to do in the finale of season 5 was make sure that despite the fact that he’s quite obviously gone through a transformation again, that he’s still the guy he was in “Clear” even though he’s trying not to be, and is also still the guy he was in the first episode, but obviously has moved on…

Head on over to Entertainment Weekly to see what else Lennie dished about Morgan, including how he feels about having a stick as his weapon of choice, whether or not letting those Wolves go was the right decision and more.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Sunday October 11th.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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