There’s Death and Destruction Everywhere in New ‘Supernatural’ Trailer

The Darkness makes Hell look like a cake-walk in the latest promo for Supernatural‘s eleventh season.

The new trailer makes Sam and Dean’s upcoming trials look like their most dangerous yet. You know something’s up when even Rowena seems worried and judging by the way she utters “What the hell has Dean Winchester released upon the world?!” in the video, she’s certainly more than a little concerned.

There are also glimpses of a still-cursed Castiel, Crowley in a priest’s collar (?!), a long shot of someone’s baby and an unknown woman giving an unknown cast member some particularly bad news: “”I know you’re dying. I can feel it.” Let’s hope none of our mains have to meet their maker (for good) this year.

Although The Darkness has no shape or form yet, Supernatural EP Andrew Dabb let it slip during Comic Con that the new, ancient big bad could be a female. “I would describe it as also the Big Bad,” stated Dabb. “I mean I would say The Darkness is… a different point of view that we’ve seen from our bad guys in a long time. I would say that also the character’s origins and connections to our main characters are something that, you know, her power and her– or IT’S- power kind of overwhelms in such a way that it can touch all different aspects of our show, from angels to demons to monsters, witches and everything else. So it allows this character to intersect with all of our different characters in very cool ways.”

Supernatural returns to The CW October 7th.

Photo Credit: The CW


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