‘Far Cry: Primal’ Will Take Place in the Stone Age

Ubisoft officially confirmed the next release in the Far Cry series last Wednesday morning, according to Kotaku and PCGamer. The action will take place under the broad feet and tusks of wooly mammoths and the fangs of sabertooths. Sound cool?

That’s right, we’re in the Stone Age. Check out the announcement trailer before we move on:

According to Wired, Ubisoft put a livestream up Tuesday that simply featured a cave painting and the shadows of hands crawling across the wall. Hours into the stream, IGN Turkey leaked (and subsequently hastily corked) that the game would be Far Cry Primal.

Plot details are scarce so far, but Ubisoft gave us a nice little behind the scenes video that discusses Primal’s gameplay.

The game will primarily focus on survival (as is expected with a Far Cry game). Players will control Takkar, a young man brought to his knees by the harsh Stone Age world, left bereft of tools and, I’m assuming, of family and friends. As you would expect, Far Cry’s vehicles and gunplay are gone. Instead, Takkar will have to make his weapons himself. He’ll have to find wood and rocks to make his first tools (do I smell a lawsuit from Mojang?). As the game goes on, though, you’ll be able to develop more advanced weapons; bows, clubs, swords, and the like.

According to the above video, hunting will play a large part in the game. Takkar and his allies will take down the massive herd animals that populate the plains, while simultaneously competing with enemy tribes and with other, more well equipped predators. Like saber-toothed tigers. And big wolves. You know, no big deal.

Apparently, day and night will also play a pivotal role in gameplay, sunset bringing with it new opportunities for adventure and new openings for predators. You’ll also, perhaps expectedly, need to master your use of fire, according to the game’s official website, to “expand your tactical options, setting your weapon on fire or scaring predators”.

All in all, color me intrigued. Prehistory hasn’t been explored much in video games, as far as I know (aside from an early ’90s game actually called Stone Age and from Age of Empires), and if Ubisoft does anything well, especially with Far Cry, it’s create worlds. I have high hopes for this one.

Stay tuned for deets!



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