‘Scream Queens’ Star Keke Palmer Drops Hints About Zayday’s Fate

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SPOILERS AHEAD! Keke Palmer’s Zayday has to be one of the most sensible, down-to-earth characters on the over-the-top show Scream Queens and last night fans were shocked when she was kidnapped by the Red Devil, her fate left up in the air.

Interestingly enough, the kidnapping went down not long after Zayday announced her plans to run for KKT President, much to Chanel’s (Emma Roberts) horror. The politically incorrect sorority brat was sure Zayday would win because “we’re living in the age of Obama.”

Palmer details what’s influencing Zayday’s political ambitions in the KKT house and how we can expect her to hold up against the Red Devil in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter

On Zayday’s KKT presidential ambitions

“She thought there was not any organization in the house. She became a part of the house to be with her friend, but now she has the determination — first of all, the reason why she’s at the school is because she wants to develop a background in politics. She wants to be somewhere that can influence change in whatever that she does. She wants to improve things naturally, so her personality and coming to the house and seeing the disrespect and seeing how there was no real structure, she then wanted to be a part of the change to improve that.”

On how Zayday will hold up against the Red Devil

“If you’ve seen Zayday, you can hope that she’ll find a way to try to get away from The Red Devil. Ultimately, she has things she wants to do. She’s not the type of person to quit, so we’ll just see how she comes out — hopefully it’s on top.”

This show is obviously the kind that could throw us for a loop, but we still feel pretty confident that our girl Zayday will make it out of the Red Devil’s clutches alive and well. She clearly knows her way around a chainsaw (Thanks Grandma!)…and the Red Devil has one…hmmm…

What did you think of last night’s episode? Were you surprised to see all of the dearly departed pop back up in the haunted house? What do you think lies ahead for Zayday? Talk to us in the comments below!

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