‘iZombie’ EP Rob Thomas Talks Major’s ‘Very Different’ Season 2 Journey


iZombie returned last night and proved to be a trying time for Liv’s (Rose McIver) former-ish flame Major (Robert Buckley).

Spoilers ahead!!!

The series’ resident bad guy Vaughn (Steven Weber) discovered Major’s ability to sense other zombies and is now blackmailing him into taking out the undead, regardless of who they are or what they have (or haven’t) done. The episode ended with Major taking his first zombie life, an innocent father of two.

Series boss Rob Thomas promises fans that there are some huge things in store for Major this season and that although he’s down at the moment, he won’t necessarily stay down for long. Read what he had to say to The Hollywood Reporter about what’s ahead for Major throughout the show’s second season.

On how Major’s zombie hunting journey differs in season 2

“The huge difference is that last year, he didn’t even end up killing any zombies until the finale. And they were murderous bad guys. They were killing the teenagers he worked with. At that point, he was just out to find out who was doing it and trying to make it stop. But this year it’s such a tougher position because, through Liv, he knows that these zombies are not zombies of their own free will. They have families and they’re good people. Of course, there are probably some bad zombies as well but the first zombie he takes out is a family man, and his kids are crying on the news after he disappears. It’s tearing Major up. It’s going to be a very different journey for him this year. Last year, it could almost feel like he was on the noble side of things. But this year, he’s struggling. It’s going to be juicy and fun. We have big plans for him this season.”

On how Major’s secrets and conflicting feelings for Liv will affect him

“This will send Major spiraling into a utopium addiction, and that runs hand-in-hand with his difficult relationship with Liv who isn’t as aware as Ravi will be to what Major is going through. Ravi doesn’t even know about Major killing zombies but Ravi will at least see the addiction problems firsthand that Liv doesn’t. Major will eventually hit rock bottom and, at a certain point, he’ll have to throw out a lifeline. The question is whether Major and Liv are too far past the point of repairing their relationship for Liv to be there for him when that happens. We have to take him all the way down, but I wouldn’t be a fan if we did that for half of a season. I’d get tired of that pretty quick.”

Will Major ever fight back against his blackmailer, Vaughn?

“Yeah, he will eventually fight back, but it takes him a while to get his bearings. There’s a good deal of paranoia that comes with it, too. He can already tell that Max Rager is following him, and listening in to his conversations. He needs to find out what they know, how they’re watching him, what are their weak spots, and once he figures all that out, he’ll start to put together a plan.”

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