‘Supernatural’ Stars and EP Dish on The Darkness

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester are in for the fight of their lives when Supernatural returns tonight.

The oldest evil force in the universe, The Darkness, has returned to Earth thanks to the destruction of the Mark of Cain and now the hunters must figure out a way to stop it, with little to no information on how that can be accomplished.

“This is something we’ve never seen on the show before,” the show’s executive producer Jeremy Carver told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “At the beginning, everyone knows that something very bad is out there, but the boys aren’t sure what they’re dealing with. To make it even more frightening, everyone from angels to demons don’t know what they’re dealing with either. There’s so little information about this thing out there in the universe. The show starts with a mystery in terms of what this thing is and what it wants. We take our time in building up our understanding of exactly that. It’s going to have a pretty cool payoff.”

Although The Darkness starts out as a billowy black cloud, as we learned at SDCC, we’ll be meeting her in another form at some point, but no matter the form she’ll be a force to reckoned with.

“The Darkness is really a monolithic bad guy for us,” executive producer Andrew Dabb revealed. “She will have a particularly strong point of view that will come through and it’s something that we can grow and develop over time into a fully-realized character. This person is going to be really scary, intimidating and wry like some of our best villains have been.”

Padalecki admits that they boys will face some massive challenges when it comes to dealing with The Darkness. “We are dealing with a force that predates even God,” the actor told THR. “So we’re all out of our league here, in true Supernatural form.”

Even more bad news? Even Castiel (Misha Collins) is taken aback by the force, which he didn’t even know was real to begin with! “Largely, Cas is going to be uniting with the boys against this common enemy, The Darkness,” Collins said. “When Cas finds out what it is that they’re dealing with, it’s kind of an ‘Oh, shit!’ moment, because he previously thought that The Darkness was just a scary story that angels told one another at bed time that wasn’t real. Finding out that it is real is going to be very scary for everyone.”

After everything we’ve reported, read and heard about The Darkness, we’re genuinely concerned about the fate of our main characters during the show’s 11th season.

Tune in to see how they fare against The Darkness when Supernatural returns, tonight at 9 p.m. on The CW.


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