‘The Walking Dead’ Star Andrew Lincoln Was All For Rick Grimes Losing a Hand


If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead graphic novels as well as the TV series, then you know that the storyline and fates of some of our characters have been swapped, ditched or re-arranged on the show.

Possible spoilers!

One of the prominent plot points that fans were preparing themselves to see was Rick losing his hand thanks to the mentally unstable Governor, but when the moment never came many wondered why. It’s since been revealed that due to certain logistics that go into filming scenes with a character character that’s missing a limb, as well as the coincidence of another popular TV character losing his hand around the same Rick would have, the hand-putataion was left out of the series.

Now we know how Rick Grimes himself, Andrew Lincoln, felt about the prospect of his character losing a limb, and it may surprise you.

“You know, I campaigned two seasons ago when the Governor was around… I was saying, ‘You’ve gotta do the hand guys!’ And Victor, who was in charge of special effects, just said, ‘No, no no no. Anybody else but not you. It’ll cost a fortune with green screen and blue screen,'” the actor told Comicbook.com during an exclusive interview. “But you know, I’m of the opinion that certainly with where the story seems to be going this season, no one is safe of any long term damage. It’s an extraordinary season because it’s very intense and insular for the first few and then we lift our eyes up and it feels like there’s a whole new horizon out there and it feels like it’s very thrilling but also it’s very dangerous.”

Those of you who would like to have seen Rick lose his hand during the days of the Governor’s reign of terror can still take solace in the fact that another castmember’s maiming could still make it’s way into the show…perhaps even this season.

Do you think the show should have stuck with the source material of Rick losing a hand? Do you think Carl is in any danger of losing his eye this season? Talk to us in the comments below.

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