Anderson Struggles Revisiting Agent Scully

Actress GILLIAN ANDERSON has found it tough reprising her most famous role for the forthcoming THE X FILES movie.

The star played F.B.I agent Dana Scully in the sci-fi TV series until it finished in 2002, and admits having a six-year break from the character has been difficult to deal with.

She says, “I expected to get back into Scully like flipping on a light switch but it’s taken a lot more effort.”

The as-yet-unnamed film – a follow-up to the series’ first big-screen outing in 1998 – is slated for release later this year (08).



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  1. sum1 wrote: I can, it will suck ass like the first one, like all TV shows that get transferred to movie screen & like all sequels. Id rather watch scully do a lesbian porno.