‘Scream Queens’ Actor Evan Paley on Caulfield’s Fate, the Show’s Portrayal of Fraternities and More

The Red Devil went on quite the killing spree in last night’s episode of Scream Queens.


Evan Paley, who played Dickie Dollars fraternity member Caulfield, survived his first encounter with the Red Devil (albeit his arms didn’t), but unfortunately his luck wasn’t so great the second time around. After failing to climb a ladder and escape from the masked murderer, the energetic Dickie met his hilariously untimely end as his friends looked on.

Paley, a former fraternity member (in real life!), recently spoke with Variety about his character’s death, how he feels about the show’s portrayal of fraternities, and Red Devil theories.

Paley’s reaction after learning about Caulfield’s death

“When I read it, I was laughing hysterically. The fun part about this show is that for as much craziness and confusion and chaos as there is, it’s really funny. So even when you’re an actor and you’re reading a script that says you’re dead — which means in real life, you’re no longer going to be working — it’s still so funny and enjoyable.”

On who he thinks the Red Devil could be

“I thought that the Red Devil was going to be Wes (Oliver Hudson). I think I’m really wrong about that. I’ve started to develop new theories. There are obviously multiple Red Devils. Something in my heart is just pointing at Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) or Hester/Chanel No. 6 (Lea Michele). They’re just evil. I’m just feeling a lot of devil in them.”

Paley’s opinion on how accurate fraternities are portrayed in Scream Queens

“As with everything on the show, everything is accurate and then just exaggerated exponentially. College life is ridiculous and over-the-top in real life and on the show, even more so. But I would say the most accurate thing about the Dickies to my college life is that there are always people who are over-the-top to mask insecurities about their lack of self confidence or their sexuality, and I think on “Scream Queens,” there’s a lot of confusion of sexuality in our frat, which is amplified by the crazy clothes that we wear and the crazy colors. But I think there’s so much confusion and sexuality, as exemplified by Brother Boone, which I think is actually very accurate in real life. Fraternities have 150 guys — 20 guys are probably gay, and maybe two of them will ever come out. So I feel like Boone’s character is good for fraternity brothers to see. It’s okay to just be who you are.”

For what it’s worth, Paley seemed to really enjoy his time on the series.

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