Phillippe: ‘Stop Loss Isn’t An Anti-War Film’

Hollywood star RYAN PHILLIPPE has denied his new film STOP-LOSS is playing on the anti-war feeling among many U.S. citizens, insisting it is quite the opposite.

The Crash actor plays an Iraq War veteran in the Kimberly Peirce-directed film, who struggles to adapt to life back home after a first tour of duty – before he is unexpectedly sent back to the Middle East against his will.

Asked by an MTV reporter whether the movie is “just another anti-war film”, he replies: “No, no… the film to me isn’t anti-war.

“If anything, it’s pro-military. It’s told from the soldiers’ perspective, and it’s about the soldiers… dealing with what it’s like to serve and come home and try to assimilate and get back into some kind of a regular life.”

Phillippe recently admitted he had considered joining the U.S. Army to fight for his country in the Middle East before deciding to pursue an acting career.



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  1. mnsteph wrote: Wow. I never even thought the previews made it look like an anti-war film. Maybe the MTV reporter was just trying to start something. Either way, it should be good, Phillippe is intense and this role sounds perfect for him.