Shondaland Developing ‘Romeo and Juliet’-Inspired TV Series at ABC

Romeo and Juliet, the classic Shakespearian tragedy of two young, star-crossed lovers from warring families, will get a continuation of sorts if Shondaland and ABC have anything to say about it.

News of the TV adaptation of Still Star-Crossed broke today and Scandal/How to Get Away with Murder creator Shonda Rhimes and Shondaland producer Betsy Beers and producer/scribe Heather Mitchell are all involved.

The series will be based on the 2013 book by Melinda Taub and, according to Deadline, “is set in 16th century Verona after the events in William Shakespeare’s tragedy. It follows the conflict between the Capulets and the Montagues in the wake of Romeo and Juliet’s deaths.”

According to Variety, Mitchell will serve as writer and EP on the new series, while Rhimes and Beers will act as non-writing producers.

In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM, Shondaland has a wide array of TV series coming down the pipeline. Premiering ABC in 2016 is thriller/drama The Catch and later down the road are a Catholic nun ensemble drama, a comedy about urban singles, and a military drama set in Baghdad.

Have any thoughts about the new series that will follow up with the families of the star-crossed lovers? Talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit:Paramount Pictures


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