‘The Royals’ Season 2 Details Tease Bigger Drama and Higher Stakes


Your favorite dysfunctional royal family is returning to E! next month and the network has released new details about the sexy, scandalous and dramatic second season of The Royals.

Now that Cyrus is officially the ruling King of England, we’re sure to be in for one hell of a twisted ride as Queen Helena tries to keep him in check (while going after her own ambitions of ruling England) and Prince Liam and Princess Eleanor try to work their way back into the palace.

Series stars Elizabeth Hurley, William Moseley, Alexandra Park, Jake Maskall, Tom Austen, and Oliver Milburn all return for the soapy second season and we can’t wait to see what situations (and fashions) they end up in during the second go ’round.

Want to know the details about what to expect from the scandalous family during season 2? Keep reading to see what E! revealed:

The second season picks up eight weeks after the tragic murder of King Simon (Vincent Regan) by an unknown assailant. Cyrus, Simon’s arrogant brother, has taken the throne after deeming the Prince and Princess illegitimate, with the help of the Queen to fabricate the paternity results. While Cyrus is convinced the Queen is on his side, her majesty has her own agenda in mind: change the succession of the Royal Family and make the power shift to the Queen if anything should happen to yet another King. Meanwhile, Liam vows to bring his father’s murderer to justice and teams up with an unlikely ally to do so, the duplicitous bodyguard Jasper who had been relieved from his duties after sleeping with both the Princess and the Queen, and had once been considered a prime suspect in the King’s attack that led to his death. However, the two young men, who are both working to mend their respective broken hearts, have bonded over their mutual concern for the Princess’ wellbeing and seek to bring a common enemy to justice.

While King Cyrus struggles to win over a country of people who despise him due to his inability to relate and general distain disdain for common society, Eleanor sinks further into despair as she searches to have a real connection with anyone despite her seemingly fairytale life as a princess. Her bodyguard blackmailed her and slept with her mother, her brother is locked in a vengeful tunnel vision, her mother just revealed her father isn’t who she thought, the new King hates her, and the only person who ever believed in her was murdered with the last words he spoke to her being of his disappointment. Now, Eleanor finds solace in excessive amounts of booze, drugs and random sex, while still trying to navigate through the murky waters of real romance. Not since Marie Antoinette has there been so much anarchy in the monarchy.

Take a look at the season 1 recap to get reacclimated to all the royal drama, as well as a new season 2 photo gallery, below:

Returning cast members include Elizabeth Hurley as the cunning Queen Helena, William Moseley as the rancorous Prince Liam, Alexandra Park as an uncontrollable Princess Eleanor, Tom Austen as the scorned bodyguard Jasper Frost, Oliver Milburn as the dutiful head of the Royal security, and Jake Maskall as the newly-crowned King Cyrus. Dame Joan Collins will also return as as the Grand Duchess of Oxford to guest star in four episodes.

Lydia Rose Bewley, Andrew Bicknell, Victoria Ekanoye, Poppy Corby-Tuech, Simon Thomas, and Scott Maslen also return for season two.

The Royals returns Sunday, November 15 at 10pm ET/PT on E!.

Photo Credit: E!


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