Spacey’s New Film Turns Castmates Into Gamblers

KEVIN SPACEY fears his latest movie has turned co-star JOSH GAD into a gambling addict.

Spacey plays mentor to a group of card-counting mathematics whizz-kids who win millions at the tables of Las Vegas’ top casinos in new film 21.

And he fears that some of his castmates got to engrossed in Sin City’s gambling lifestyle.

Spacey explains, “I think we might’ve made a few compulsive gamblers. I think Josh Gad needs an intervention at this point because he’s a mad man.

“I do think he now has a serious gambling habit. If we started a gamblers anonymous for movie stars, Josh Gad would be the only member.

“I didn’t gamble much while I was there, but we were there for a month or so and I know some of the crew did get into some trouble and some of the actors couldn’t resist going out and trying to see if they could actually count the decks. I don’t think they did too well.”



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