Richardson Unfazed By Potter Rejection

British actress MIRANDA RICHARDSON will not be reprising her role in the next
HARRY POTTER film – but refuses to let the snub upset her.

The 50-year-old played toxic journalist Rita Skeeter in 2005’s Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire and despite the character appearing in JK Rowling’s next
novel, Order of the Phoenix, Richardson was left out of the 2007 film of the
same name.

Rita Skeeter also appears in the next book – Harry Potter and the Half Blood
Prince – the film version is currently in production and Richardson is once
again missing from the cast.

But Richardson insists she is not letting the snub get her down.

She says, “Well, if I am in it, they haven’t told me! I don’t know why. I
think it is because they like to bring in new characters. I’m not upset about
it. I’m just enjoying life and seeing other people’s work.”



  1. BellaBlack wrote: They do cut a lot of things out..although after OOTP I am not too upset about her being out because her role does get smaller. I hope they atleast have some of the DD “history” she writes.

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