Mathematics Geniuses Helped Spacey Win A Small Fortune

KEVIN SPACEY boosted his income while researching new gambling movie 21 by
teaming up with real-life mathematics wizards.

The Oscar winner plays a mentor to a team of geniuses in the film, which is
based on a real-life, get-rich-quick plot staged by Massachusetts Institute Of
Technology (MIT) whizzkids in Las Vegas.

Spacey researched his role with the real MIT experts, who can no longer
gamble in Las Vegas – and they’d stand behind him and “nudge” him towards big

Spacey boasts, “I’m horrible at math. I failed basic math my last semester of
high school.

“But when we were doing research we went to Las Vegas, while we were trying
to put the movie together and we went with a couple of the MIT guys who were on
the teams, counting cards.

“Although they’re not allowed to play, the casinos didn’t mind that they were
with us so they stood behind my chair as we played 21 and whenever they wanted
me to up my bet they just sort of nudged me and I won every time.”



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