Shonda Rhimes Developing Nanny Drama with ‘Scandal’ Stars

Shonda Rhimes is continuing her bid to turn ABC into her own personal version of OWN, with news breaking about yet another Shondaland produced TV series that’s in development.

Rhimes is working with Scandal stars Kerry Washington and Katie Lowes on the new nanny drama, but the pitch is still reportedly in the script stage, so details are scarce at the moment.

According to EW, the pitch is described as “an edgy and comical upstairs-downstairs look at the insanity of modern child-rearing focuses on a clique of young nannies, a trio of interconnected families and their various support staffs, all trying to help the kids grow up when they haven’t quite grown up themselves.”

In addition to Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and HTGAWM, Shondaland has a wide array of TV series coming down the pipeline. Premiering ABC in 2016 is thriller/drama The Catch and later down the road are a Catholic nun ensemble drama, a comedy about urban singles, a military drama set in Baghdad, and the recently announced TV adaptation of Still Star-Crossed.

How soon do you think it’ll be until ABC as a whole is renamed Shondaland? Which of her new series’ are you looking forward to tuning into?

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