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Watch The Season Premiere of 30 Rock Now!

Watch The Season Premiere of 30 Rock Now!

6 is bringing you the premiere of the third season of 30 Rock a week early!

Check out the episode titled, Do-Over, here, and watch Liz try to keep the “TGS” staff from ruining her chances at adoption when an evaluator drops by the job. Also, Jack returns from D.C. with a plan of action to go head-to-head with Devin Banks.

As you may know, Megan Mullally guest stars in the episode and you can check out her behind the scenes interview footage in the video below.

[Video Has Been Removed]

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  1. funky wrote: An extinguished show to watch for… It’s a great, funny show. Fey is very good in the lead role; she blew away my expectations. Kudos to her for creating such a fun, funny, witty and quality TV show. Baldwin is at his dry-witted, brilliant best..

  2. OCallyFaN80 wrote: I might try watching the show. There’s a lot of guest stars this upcoming season that I’d LOVE to see. =D


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