Girl Meets World Episode Recap and Review: Girl Meets Texas

Girl Meets World, the 90’s spin-off of Boy Meets World entered a serious tone with a three-part episode arc named “Girl Meets Texas” (which was last weekend). The episode centered around Riley (Rowan Blanchard) finding out that Maya (Sabrina Carpenter) has feelings for Lucas (Peyton Meyer). She realized that Maya had been hiding her feelings for Lucas for 2 years.

It all started with Riley and Maya mistakenly signing up Lucas for the wrong rodeo. The girls thought they were signing him up for Judy the sheep when it was actually for Tombstone the bull. The gang headed to Texas, and when it was time for Lucas to ride the bull – Maya couldn’t stop watching from a distance. Riley saw how worried Maya was, and then that’s when she realized that Maya has feelings for Lucas. Riley decided to step back, and in efforts to make Maya happy – she tried to convince herself that she loves Lucas as a brother and nothing more.

At the end of the first episode, Riley told Lucas that they’re now brother and sister. Lucas wasn’t happy at all to hear this – as he really loves her.

In the second episode, they had an intense campfire scene which explored Maya and Lucas’ feelings. Riley confronted Lucas at the campfire scene and confessed Maya’s feelings. Maya wasn’t happy with this seeing as she wasn’t ready to let out her feelings. Riley told Maya that it’s important for her to know she feels. She wanted Maya to talk to Lucas and let out her feelings. Riley left with Farkle to get ice cream, and Maya and Lucas talked it out. Lucas almost kissed Maya, and then Maya tells him that he doesn’t want to hide anymore secrets from Riley.

In the third episode of this 3-episode arc, Riley was hiding her feelings and all the characters were confused. Cory (Ben Savage) asked Farkle (Corey Fogelmanis) to find out what’s going on and to fix it.  Riley was asked out to go out on a date from a note that Charlie passed to her in class, and she said yes right after Maya told her that something happened between her and Lucas. At Topanga’s Bakery, Farkle and Zay (new character who was added to the show played by Amir Mitchell-Townes) both explained to the audience what’s going on between Riley, Maya and Lucas on how they act towards each other – then it hit Farkle that Riley would do anything for her friends. He figured out that Riley was lying just so she can make Maya happy.  Farkle was started to reveal the truth on what Riley was doing, Riley told him to stop, then she quickly pulled Farkle outside the bakery. They talked outside in an emotional and sentimental moment showing flash backs of Riley, Maya and Lucas’ moments of each other to show their relationships growing. Riley confessed to Farkle that she was lying and that he can’t tell anyone. Farkle said not to lie about it – that friends don’t lie to each other. Riley said it’s a really hard time for her and she may need some time. They both hugged then Riley left to go on her date with Charlie.

The 3-part episode ended with Riley and Maya at Riley’s Bay Window. Riley went out on a date with Charlie and Maya went out on a date with Lucas. They both aren’t sure of what’s going to happen, but they did their friendship ring power to show nothing can ever destroy their friendship.

I thought this was a lovely 3-part episode. It was a great serious tone arc, and we learned a lot about the characters. We see that they’re all confused and they aren’t sure on how to deal with their feelings, which is perfectly normal for teenagers.

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram


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