McGregor Inspired By Day-Lewis

EWAN McGREGOR has vowed to become more like fellow actor DANIEL DAY-LEWIS, because he wants a “greater depth” to his on-screen persona.

The Trainspotting star is overwhelmed by the two-time Oscar winner’s acting technique, and admits he wants to emulate the 50-year-old’s career.

He says, “Daniel Day-Lewis has got under my skin in thinking about the job I do.

“There’s a depth to his work that means I’ve got a long way to go. I want to make films like his recent movie, There Will Be Blood, epic, great films.”

But McGregor admits he may be forced to change his script-choosing process as a result of his new acting idol, who is famously selective of the roles he takes on.

He adds, “He (Day-Lewis) works rarely and they’re always interesting choices that he makes. I’m quite easy to please. There are scripts that come my way where other people will go ‘eeew, no’, but I’ll say, ‘I think it’s quite good'”



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