‘The Originals’ Star Charles Michael Davis Teases Tonight’s Action-Packed Episode

Charles Michael Davis’ Marcel is front and center in tonight’s episode of The Originals.

The vampire’s loyalties will be put to the test now that The Strix have blown into town and tapped him as a possible addition to their crew. A gala will be the setting for tonight’s drama and Davis was on-hand to chat with TV Line about what’s ahead in the new episode, including how the ep. compares to Die Hard, what Marcel’s thoughts on The Strix really are and what’s up with his character and Mikaelson sister Rebekah (Claire Holt):

On tonight’s mysterious gala

“There’s a big fight scene, and it’s so great. There’s no dialogue ’til the end, and I feel like we don’t have too many of those. Usually, there’s fighting with a little exposition happening at the same time. But [director Matt Hastings] wanted something more like Bruce Willis in Die Hard, where the hero’s getting his ass kicked, leaving you wondering how he’s going to come back from this. You’ll see a lot more action from Marcel, but also his intelligence.”

On Marcel’s view of The Strix

“I feel like the house cat — the kids come over, and they want to play with it, but the cat’s just like, “meow.” … They’ve piqued his curiosity, but he still wants to sniff them out.”

On Marcel and Rebekah’s current relationship status

“Like, what would be their Facebook status? “In an open relationship” and “It’s complicated.” [Laughs]”

Don’t miss the action in tonight’s new episode of The Originals at 9pm on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW

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