Batman Screener Upsets Audiences


Early audience screenings of new BATMAN movie THE DARK KNIGHT have left viewers stunned thanks to an unfortunate scene featuring late actor HEATH LEDGER’s THE JOKER playing dead in a bodybag.

The unsettling scene has prompted studio bosses at Warner Brothers to consider cutting the footage from the sequel when it hits cinemas on full release in July (08).

Writing on, one internet critic, who claims a source saw the film recently, writes, “My secret agent between the Armani suits saw a super private session for The Dark Knight and came out drooling.

“It will be a great success, he guarantees, the gadgets… are crazy and Heath Ledger… delivered, got himself into the role and it’s unrecognizable. There will be no other Joker after him.”

But the blogger claims audience members were a little taken aback by one scene, where Ledger’s character plays dead “inside a body bag”.

He adds, “It caused adverse reactions in the audience, for obvious reasons. It will possibly be cut. (I hope not!)”

Warner Brothers publicists were unavailable for comment as WENN went to press.



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  1. Gajonka wrote: This film should not be at the mercy of a few lucky (and most probably, unmerited) people who get to see the screening. The film is above them, and Heath’s performance is above us all. If the scene adds color to THE JOKER’s character, if Heath felt the scene was important, than it should stay. Nolan must do what Heath would have wanted. We cannot alter history, the history about to be made by this incredible actor. He died after he became the Joker. Let’s not cut what he was. The wolrd understands irony. We are not afraid.

  2. Mario Ross wrote: I say leave the movie as is, yes it is a sad event Heath’s passing; and I wish my sincere sympathies for his family and close friends; but I think Heath was proud of his work and as respect for him, we should view the movie as he did himself prior to his passing.

  3. Alexa wrote: I hope they don’t cut it…I think Heath would have wanted it to stay the same after all the work he put into the movie.