‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Amy Manson Teases Merida/Mulan/Ruby Team-Up

Amy Manson joined the cast of Once Upon a Time this season as Brave‘s Princess Merida and has basically been a pawn of the Dark One aka Emma Swan ever since.

The warrior princess has had her heart ripped out by Emma not once, but twice, and now the Dark One is hoping to use her new courageous friend to help transform Rumplestiltskin into a hero that can pull Excalibur from the stone. In the most recent episode, all of Merida’s attempts to scare some bravery into Rumple didn’t work, so this week, the stakes will be higher, meaning Belle should watch her back.

Manson chatted with TV Line about what fans can expect from Merida’s conflicting episode this weekend:

On Merida kidnapping Belle in Sunday’s episode

“…Merida doesn’t want to do it, and what ends up happening is a formation has arisen in her own mind of how she can avenge Emma and Emma’s decision, how she can get her heart back, and if there’s any way that she can pull Gold into helping her. That’s what you find out this week, that even though she’s under Emma’s control, Emma doesn’t exactly know what’s going on when she’s with Gold. She has a hidden agenda, for sure.”

On Once’s own version of Charlie’s Angels

“Basically, Merida and Mulan have had quite a close friendship for some time, so you find out how Mulan was introduced into Merida’s life. And then Ruby ends up meeting Mulan, and they offer to help Merida on her mission. That’s how the three of them become Charlie’s Angels!”

On whether or not romance is in Merida’s future

“Definitely not. No, the mission for her is too big. The only people she could be with are the clansmen — and they just kidnapped her brother, so it’ll take a lot for her to forgive them!”

A new episode of Once Upon a Time airs Sunday at 8pm on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC


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