BD Wong Joins the Cast of ‘Gotham’

BD Wong

BD Wong (Jurassic World) has officially been cast as Dr. Hugo Strange on Gotham. He will initially be hired to run Arkham Asylum. FOX notes that while he “appears altruistic,” he “harbors a dark secret” that makes him “Gotham’s greatest threat.”

The character of Dr. Hugo Strange starts out as someone who wants to help rehabilitate criminals, but he will later be revealed as the man behind the Indian Hill facility, a laboratory that experiments on the “monsters” of Gotham City.

On Gotham, Indian Hill is a black-ops program from Wayne Enterprises that is “dedicated to creating the ultimate super human… or super villain.”

Strange first appeared in 1940’s Detective Comics #36, preceding the Joker and Catwoman by several months. Hugo Strange is also the first Batman villain to deduce Batman’s secret identity.

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