‘Jackie: Behind Closed Doors’ Premieres on REELZ Channel

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This weekend REELZ Channel is premiering a two-hour documentary, Jackie: Behind Closed Doors, centering around the life of Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

Jackie O’s life is still surrounded in mystery for many of us that believe there was a bit more behind the November 22, 1963 tragedy. However, REELZ Channel’s documentary doesn’t just focus on her time as a Kennedy. It covers every aspect of her life from childhood to her death. With rare family footage and commentary from those who knew her best, we get the opportunity to look behind those iconic dark sunglasses to learn who the American icon really was.

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While I wasn’t born until after the tragedy that took place, Jackie O was still an icon to my generation. Much like Coco Channel, my memories of Jackie O centered around her style and elegance. Unlike Coco however, Jackie O’s first priority was her family and supporting her husband – even throughout all the conspiracy theories that still surround the Kennedy legacy. I think that’s perhaps what I find most intriguing about the family as a whole.

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How much Jackie did or didn’t know about her husband’s alleged political and personal affairs is up for debate, but what can be said without question is that her life was an incredible tale of strength and survival. After witnessing her husband’s death in the motorcade, she removed herself from the public eye to focus on her children. Later on, she would remarry. However, much of that air of mystery surrounding Jackie O was her silence after President John F. Kennedy’s death. From her remarkable style to her personal strength, Jackie O left an undeniable mark on American history.


Be sure to catch Jackie: Behind Closed Doors on November 7th at 9pm EST and again at 11pm EST on REELZ Channel! The special will be hosted by NBC News’ Natalie Morales, and it will also be airing throughout the month of November (in case you miss it!). To find out additional specific air dates and times, visit www.reelz.com!

And if you’re interested in more programming on the Kennedy family, be sure to catch The Kennedy Files also on REELZ Channel throughout the month of November. To find out more information along with specific air dates and times, visit www.reelz.com!


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