Thurman Turned Down Rings Role For Tot

Actress UMA THURMAN is jealous of the success THE LORD OF THE RINGS film franchise achieved – because she turned down a leading role in the smash hit trilogy.

The Kill Bill star was approached by acclaimed director Peter Jackson to play an integral part in the big-screen adaptations of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved books – but had to pass on the role because she had just given birth.

And the star is devastated she missed out on the career-making role, but admits the offer came at the wrong time.

She tells U.S website, “Yeah, I was asked. I wish I had done it. I had a small child at the time, and I couldn’t go away for a year. I was just too attached to home. It just caught me at the wrong moment.

“Oh, I truly wish I could’ve been able to take that plunge, and maybe I should’ve, but I just couldn’t at the time.


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