Christensen Upset About Dylan Role That Never Was

JUMPER star HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has never seen the finished version of film flop
FACTORY GIRL because he hated making the movie.

The actor studied songwriting, the guitar and Bob Dylan so he could portray
the legendary folk-rocker.

But when Dylan threatened to sue over the all-star Edie Sedgwick biopic,
Christensen had to re-dub his lines, so he didn’t sound like the Lay Lady Lay

He recalls, “I signed up to play Bob Dylan and it’s a biopic. A true story. I
learned how to at least pretend to play the guitar and did a scene where I
wrote a song and performed it.

“But later, because he threatened to sue, I had to go in and… re-dub my
whole performance and change the way my character talked, because I had been
doing the Dylan voice.

“I don’t know what’s onscreen in the end because I never saw it, but I do
know it’s very different from what I did, and I was sort of p**sed with the
people who made the movie.”

In the finished version of the film, Christensen played a Dylanesque
character called The Musician.



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