‘Arrow’ EP on Constantine’s Crossover, That Oliver/Laurel Moment


Constantine (Matt Ryan) helped retrieve a soul and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) had a heart-to-heart in last night’s episode of Arrow.

The highly anticipated crossover which saw the Matt Ryan’s character from the canceled TV series travel to Star City to help Arrow and his crew get Sara Lance’s(Caity Lotz) soul back after being resurrected from the Lazarus Pit. There was also an honest moment between Oliver and Laurel that helped the two understand one another a little better, as well as Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) revelation that Ray (Brandon Routh) is still alive.

Arrow co-showrunner and executive producer Wendy Mericle broke down last night’s episode, that was filled with meaningful moments and teased what’s to come for some of the citizens of Star City.

On how it was decided to include Constantine in the story (via TVLine)

“We love to have other DC characters cross into our universe, as you know, but we always want to do it in a way that’s true to our characters. And when we were talking about bring Sara back — it’s been a pretty open secret that she had to come back, to go over to Legends of Tomorrow — we wanted to do it in the most interesting and dynamic way. We needed someone to bring her soul back, Constantine was our top choice of the characters in the DC universe that could do that, and we were lucky enough to get Matt Ryan, who was actually available.”

On whether or not Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Ray (Brandon Routh) will fan that old flame (via THR)

“We debated a lot in the writers’ room if Felicity and Ray would try and rekindle their romance and that just didn’t feel natural. After everything they have both been through, not to mention that she’s absolutely 100 percent in love with Oliver, they are in a really good place in their friendship and there are no hard feelings between them.”

On that Oliver/Laurel moment (via TVLine)

“That was a huge priority for us, coming into this season. Laurel and Oliver have arguably the longest history of any of the characters on the show, and with her becoming Black Canary and Oliver’s sort of constant push-and-pull about whether or not he approved or disapproved of that, and also his ongoing drive to protect everyone he cares about, it felt like this needed to get out there and come to a head. We are proud of those scenes because we wanted to put their relationship on different footing, and those scenes really accomplished that. They aired their grievances, he’s heard her point of view, and being “new Oliver” this season — a kinder, gentler version of himself now that he’s in love with Felicity and trying to be more Green Arrow than Arrow — we’re excited to see where that friendship goes.”

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