‘The Walking Dead’ Star Lauren Cohan on Maggie’s Reveal, Negan’s Introduction


The Walking Dead didn’t give us much more information on Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) fate last night, but that doesn’t mean fans didn’t get a different kind of bomb dropped on them.


Maggie decided that she was done waiting for Glenn to come back and took it upon herself to try and sneak out of Alexandria to head up her own personal rescue mission. Aaron (Ross Marquand) joined her on her ill-thought out plan and in the process we learned that Maggie is pregnant with Baby Glenn (which hopefully isn’t the “some form” of Glenn that we’ll see him reappear as….we still think he’s alive too).

Lauren Cohan took some time to speak with The Hollywood Reporter about

On whether or not Glenn knew Maggie was pregnant before he left

“Yes! It’s definitely a big theme: what parameters do you put on yourself and as a couple — which is what we saw earlier this season. In that episode when they whisper to each other, that’s what that is. That’s actually when Steven and I found out [about Maggie’s pregnancy], too. It’s not a shock because we’ve seen these characters talk about wanting to be pregnant and what that would mean — during season three, when they thought they might be pregnant. It’s been a simmering pot in the back of their minds. I feel like Maggie and Glenn are in tandem with the audience during these stories.”

On how Glenn may or may not change IF he’s alive

“I watched this episode and part of what makes it so heartbreaking for me is if I put myself in the audience’s mind: Glenn — and Steven himself — is the epitome of perseverance, hope and goodness and he is a beacon of light and all things good and honorable. We saw that characteristic in him as a young, young man and when there’s the potential for things to go so badly and you see someone like that grow even stronger, it’s one of the most reassuring things in life. There is nothing else I can say! (Laughing.)”

On those Negan casting rumors

“You can put “something elusive from Lauren” in quotes again here! This comes with a gag order, there are people standing outside my door! (Laughing and kidding.)”

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