Parker: ‘Cattrall Role Made Sex Movie Better’

SARAH JESSICA PARKER is glad SEX & THE CITY co-star KIM CATTRALL scuppered plans to make the movie when the show ended in 2004 – claiming they have a better film as a result.

Cattrall reportedly demanded more money and creative control, forcing a stalemate with producers who were unwilling to consent.

But four years on, the two parties have successfully negotiated terms and the Sex & The City Movie is now about to hit cinemas.

Parker refused to speak out about the row at the time, but insists Cattrall had every right to ask for more cash and control.

She says, “If I had thought it was any of my business at the time, what I would have said is, ‘Isn’t it OK for Kim to think that the money wasn’t right?'”

And she insists the movie is better because of the four year time gap:
“Perhaps she (Cattrall) was some kind of emotional psychic, because this way we made a better movie.”



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