‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Candice King and Paul Wesley Talk “Steroline”


We were on location yesterday with The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, and we chatted with stars Candice King and Paul Wesley about what they could tease for “Steroline” fans. From finally having a date to the question of whether or not the Stefan/Caroline relationship is meant to be, both Paul and Candice shared their thoughts with press.

“For viewers of the show that have seen Stefan in a relationship with Elena, he was very open. He did put her first. And that’s not what we’re really seeing now that these two characters come together.” King explains. “I think that’s kinda interesting, because it’s been all this hard work and all this build up. And sometimes, in real life, relationships either make sense or they don’t. If you have to really, really try really hard to make it work. Is it supposed to work?”

As far as whether or not Stefan and Caroline will finally go out on date, it looks like that will happen, but it may not have the outcome that fans want.

“The episode I just directed, they have a date, but it goes really sour.” Paul laughed when asked about the upcoming date that Steroline fans have been waiting to see.

Check out a few clips below from our interviews with Paul Wesley and Candice King!

Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight on The CW! And stay tuned for more of our videos from our visit to set yesterday (We have so much to share)!!

Video Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt


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