‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Kat Graham Discusses Bonnie and Enzo’s Relationship

We had the chance to sit down with The Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham yesterday on set to discuss a number of upcoming plot points with the series. We had reached out to fans on Twitter for questions for Kat, and every one we received revolved around what lies ahead for Bonnie and Enzo as well as Bonnie and Damon.

Now that fans know that ‘Benzo’ will happen, it’s all a matter of how they’ll happen, which according to Graham will be a long slow process. “I think that they’re developing it very, very slowly,” she told reporters during our recent set visit. “You’ll see it over the next few episodes, kind of a lot of their dynamic together. But it’s still very much present day Bonnie and Enzo. So you see our, kind of, cat-and-mouse or this very sparring dynamic. We have to still wait to see the actual turn of when that happens and what happened to put Bonnie in the place that she was at.”

Part of the reason why it sounds like Bonnie and Enzo’s relationship will need time to blossom (aside from them not getting along at all at this point) is that Bonnie will be largely focused on doing Bonnie.

“The show, I think, became so big because it was so focused on this love story, so there is still a craving for audiences to get love and get the kind of triangles to still occur in the show,” Graham said. “I won’t say that that is necessarily Bonnie’s journey this season. Bonnie’s come back into the real world as a bit of a heroine in a lot of ways and really focused on protection and focused on doing what she wants to do her way and…teaming up with Damon. I don’t know that love has ever been- you start to see her make love a priority in her life…but you don’t really see her love life developing immediately.”

Find out what else Kat had to say about Bonnie’s journey below:

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Video Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt