‘The Originals’ Star Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies on The Mikaelson Brothers’ Latest Reason to Hate Each Other


Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson can’t seem to keep their relationship in tact on The Originals and the divide between them is greater than ever now that Klaus knows his brother is the reason for his thousand-year-old broken heart.

“[Elijah’s] done something utterly unforgivable…so it’s created this rift between them. Again. Perhaps bigger than ever and so Klaus, I would say, is looking for new allies,” Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus Mikaelson in the series, told reporters during a recent visit to the set. “He’s searching around to see who he can trust, you know? As we know there’s someone from his past, an intimate from his past, who he feels now perhaps bonded wit. This betrayal has bonded them as well because they were both led to believe a lie.”

Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, isn’t surprised that the already huge rift between the brothers has now been widened as opposed to fixed. “I feel like this whole season is based on creating that rift,” the actor said about the constant back and forth between the brothers. “To me, it feels like they’re trying to generate that gap in a much larger way than they ever have before and I think that the ravine is only becoming increasingly larger. Whether or not they can span that between the two of them is anybody’s guess but I think that’s the bedrock upon which the narrative is forged.”

At the very least, the two will have to put on a brave front now that their lives have been endangered by outside forces, between the prophecy and the brewing sire line wars. Joseph Morgan revealed that while Klaus is pissed, the two won’t be able to totally cut the cord and go their own ways.

“It’s difficult for them to completely cut it off because we have a common enemy in town at the moment. We have the prophecy, the Mikaelsons will fall, and we have the first of our sire lines who swarmed into town. I think we have to stand united, but I would say begrudgingly united and it still feels like there is some unresolved turmoil between them. I don’t think everything’s gone back to normal. I think that still exists, but has to be put to one side at the moment.”

See where the Mikaelson brothers stand in a new episode of The Originals tonight at 9pm on The CW.

Photo Credit: The CW

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