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Home Entertainment ‘The Originals’ Star Phoebe Tonkin Teases Hayley’s Relationship with Davina, Aurora
‘The Originals’ Star Phoebe Tonkin Teases Hayley’s Relationship with Davina, Aurora

‘The Originals’ Star Phoebe Tonkin Teases Hayley’s Relationship with Davina, Aurora


Now that Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is free from her curse, she and Davina (Danielle Campbell) seemed to have reach some common ground after last week’s episode of The Originals: blackmail and choker scarves are bad.

We learned during our recent visit to The Originals set that the pair’s budding friendship won’t just stop at fashion advice, so those of you who wanted to see more girl power scenes may just get what you asked for!

“I think that Hayley is kind of trying to build relationships with different characters to build allies a little bit,” Tonkin said. “With the Stryx in town there’s a lot of moving around and people’s loyalties are changing, so I think having someone like Davina on Hayley’s side is important especially with what I think is happening over the next few episodes. Same with Cami.

“What I really like about Hayley is she really is one of the ones-not that Klaus and Elijah are doing anything particularly bad but- I really think that Hayley’s main objective is to keep Hope safe. To keep a happy, normal life in New Orleans with her husband and her baby. That’s her priority and she’s making alliances with different people who can help her do that.”

One person who Hayley won’t be trying to make any alliances with is Klaus’ crazy ex Aurora (Rebecca Breeds). The pair will definitely cross paths sooner or later and it won’t be good.

“Hayley does meet Aurora and she doesn’t like her,” said Tonkin of Klaus’ baby’s mother and Klaus’ lost love’s first meeting. “I think Aurora is one of my favorite characters that have been on our show in all three seasons. Hayley definitely sees Aurora as a threat. Also the past that Aurora and Klaus have shared. I think that in itself is threatening. That there’s someone that old, that’s been around for that long, that has known this family for that long, is really dangerous. What does she know? What is she here for? I think Hayley knows that she will be involved in whatever that crazy lady is here to do.”

See what kind of trouble Aurora causes in tonight’s new episode of The Originals at 9pm on The CW.

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