‘The Originals’ Star Phoebe Tonkin on Hayley’s ‘Complicated’ Love Triangle


One thing fans of The Originals can always count on is the complicated (and sometimes frustrating) relationship dynamics that play out in the series, and at the center of a lot of the ‘ship wars lies Phoebe Tonkin’s character Hayley.

Although the main relationship debates about the show usually surround which Mikaelson brother Hayley should end up with, at this point in the story she’s romantically caught between only one Mikaelson brother, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and her werewolf hubby Jackson (Nathan Parsons).

“I think that it’s very complicated,” Tonkin told reporters about her relationship with Jackson, during our recent set visit. “Hayley is very loyal to Jackson and they had to get married for a specific reason but she grew to really love him and love the simplicity that he brought into her life. She’s been on the run for so long and Jackson feels like home now and she’s never had a home.”

Jackson may represent home, but the attraction between Elijah and Hayley has been around before Jackson and we’d be willing to bet our left daylight rings that it’ll be there after him.

“There’s still undeniable chemistry with Elijah,” admitted the actress during our visit. “I think right now, it’s this very subtle- there’s obviously chemistry when they’re in scenes together- you know they’re not in that many scenes with just the two of them. I think that would probably be a little dangerous and I think they probably know that and the writers know that. They’re always in a group.”

(We didn’t forget you Klayley ‘shippers…If you want to see what Tonkin and her co-star Joseph Morgan had to say about the dysfunctional duos future click here.)

No matter which ‘ship you’re rooting for, be sure you don’t miss the next new episode of The Originals on Thursday night so you can keep up with all the drama.

Which ‘ship do you hope to see sail its way to endgame in the show? Talk to us in the comments below!

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