‘The Originals’ Star Daniel Gillies Talks Haylijah: ‘Elijah’s Going to Be Respectful’


The Originals may focus on familial drama, unlike its sister show, The Vampire Diaries which has been more romance driven, but that doesn’t mean the series leaves out the relationship drama completely by any means.

Daniel Gillies plays Elijah Mikaelson in the series and although his character is technically single, he’s usually involved in the much-debated topic of which Mikaelson brother Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), hybrid badass and Queen of the Crescent Wolf Pack, should end up with.

We had the chance to visit the set of the vampire drama recently with a group of reporters and during our time there, our group had the chance to chat with Daniel about his thoughts on the Hayley/Elijah dynamic, especially now that the object of Elijah’s affection is not only his brother’s baby’s mother, but also married.

“They’re in love and it’s like Bob Dylan once said ‘It’s hard to be in love and be smart at the same time’,” Gillies said during the visit. “I don’t think that they’re going to make the most intelligent moves with regard to overtures towards one another. I think Elijah has an incredible patience. He is also immortal so he can afford to have that patience. She’s with this other guy. I think that whatever feelings they might have toward one another Elijah’s going to be respectful.”

It sounds like Elijah’s willing to wait for Hayley for as long as it takes, which means that you Haylijah ‘shippers could be waiting just as long.

Let us know how you feel about Daniel’s Haylijah statements in the comments below!

Photo Credit: The CW


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  1. Elijah was so full of it- talking about family being his number one thing, especially in his apologetic letter to Elena on TVD – but then he goes with the girl who carries his brother’s child – the brother, whose redemption he supposedly cares for- yeah, sure- he should have done all to work to bring Klaus and his little family -Hayley and Hope -together. Respect- Elijah doesn’t understand this word at all.