‘The Royals’ EP Previews What’s In Store for Season 2


The Royals returns to E! this Sunday with a new season of drama, sass and fashion galore now that Cyrus occupies the throne and is letting nothing stand in his way of being the terrible king he’s always dreamt of being.

Executive producer Mark Schwahn teases that when the series returns, King Cy is “in full peacock” but beneath that he’s still the mean, insecure throne stealer we’ve grown to hate. “He’s apt to immerse himself in the trappings of being King like no other,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview. “He has no rules, he’s very scrupulous. But beneath all that, he’s quite insecure which is a really bad combination for someone sitting on the throne.”

Read what else he had to say to THR about the show’s bigger and bolder upcoming second season.

On season 2’s main storylines

“We have these three big cliffhangers in play for us. Who killed the king and why? Are the prince and princess illegitimate or are they rightful heirs to the throne? And what’s this Domino thing? Who is behind it? Who knows about it? We’re not sure if the queen knows what Domino is or if it’s just some cryptic symbol that seems to be haunting her.”

On Queen Helena and King Cyrus’ relationship moving forward

“The Queen and Cyrus had a pact last year. They declared Liam and Eleanor illegitimate and they may or may not have had something to do with King Simon’s death. The thing about being thick as thieves is they’re both still thieves. Can they trust each other? Helena is making moves to change the order of succession to make sure she’s next in line and Cyrus is apt to feel very threatened by that.”

On what’s ahead for Jaspenor

“Jasper has a long way back if he wants to win back Eleanor. It’s a hard road to hoe when you’ve slept with the girl of your dreams’ mother. (Laughs.) He’s going to have to run the gauntlet and he’s got some explaining to do. He really needs to step up and be heroic and earn her trust again and earn his way back into her heart. He may or may not be interested in that. It’s hard to say with Jasper. But last season we met Beck in Monaco and he has a place in Eleanor’s heart as well, so there may or may not be a love triangle in place for season two. And sometimes it will be a hate triangle.”

The Royals returns this Sunday, November 15 at 10pm ET/PT on E!.

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