‘The Royals’ Stars Tease King Cyrus’ Baby Mama Drama, Jaspenor Struggles and More


The season 2 premiere of The Royals didn’t disappoint and was filled with tons of delectable drama, fabulous fashion and as many WTF moments as you’d hoped for, kicking off what we can only expect will be a completely crazy sophomore season.

The last time we saw Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) and Jasper (Tom Austen), the two parted on less than friendly terms, after the princess found out about her bodyguard/boyfriend’s romp in the hay with Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley). Since then, the fired Jasper has spent his time following the princess, who has returned to her hard-partying ways, around the world, or “stalking” her as the princess put it. “Deep down, I think she would prefer he be there than the alternative,” ] Park told InStyle. “She won’t admit to it, but I think the audience will be able to tell that deep down, she likes having him there.”

Another complicated relationship on the show that got a little attention last night was preggo palace maid Prudence (Poppy Corby-Tuech) and her alleged baby’s father, King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) himself. The maid brazenly approached the king, with every intent of extorting him, but instead ended up having her bun in the oven handed to her, Cyrus-style. “There’s a lot more revealed about [Prudence’s] personality, her ambition and the lengths to which she’ll go to protect the bun in the oven, as it were,” Jake Maskall tells TVLine about King Cyrus’ baby mama drama. “We have a great storyline, and I say some really nasty things to her. I’m vile!”

Fans have been wondering where Prince Liam’s (William Moseley) ex-girlfriend Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) is this season. In the series, she’s in New York, but she didn’t appear in the premiere and the two aren’t speaking right now, so we can only wonder when she’ll return. “He had to choose his love or his family after his father was murdered, and Ophelia was in the firing line at one point,” Moseley told InStyle on why he decided to send his love away. “I think he wanted to get her out of the way, and sadly that resulted in them being apart.”

Oh and about that fire that someone set to the palace lawn? As we delve deeper into the Henstridge family history, the origins of this war will be revealed. “Helena tells Eleanor a lot about her background this season, both with her mother and about how she came to marry the king,” Elizabeth Hurley teased to TV Line. “In doing that, we find out a lot about the Duchess. In Season 1, everyone thought she was fabulous; no one knew why she has such an aggressive relationship with Helena. I have a line where I say, ‘I’ve waited 30 years for this moment — for the people to finally know who my mother is.’ And you get to know by the end.”

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