‘Empire’ Guest Star Vivica A. Fox on Candace and Cookie’s Rocky Relationship


Empire introduced Cookie Lyon’s (Taraji P. Henson) other sister Candace (Vivica A. Fox) in last night’s episode and made it immediately clear why the head lioness never mentioned having an older sis.

The celebration of Hakeem Lyon’s (Bryshere ‘Yazz’ Grey) rap battle win over Freda Gatz (Bre-z) was cut short last night when Cookie’s estranged sister brought some disturbing news (and no, we aren’t talking about reminding her that her real name is Loretha). Apparently their youngest sister Carol (Tasha Smith) has dropped her kids off at Candace’s and run off on a bender (thanks to that whole head in a box situation from earlier in the season).

Candace and Cookie may not get along, but the two are stuck with each other for the sake of helping their sister and Vivica A. Fox spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect to see come of their dysfunctional relationship in the future.

On Candace and Cookie’s relationship

“My character Candace is totally different than Cookie. She’s the bougie stuck-up sister that lives a totally different life. She’s married to a wealthy man, she’s doing well, she has children and she’s in the suburbs and very happy so we’re very different. … We’ve definitely lost our sisterly connection but the crisis with Carol happens and we have to go looking for Carol and that’s why we have to deal with each other. In us looking for Carol, and caring about Carol because she’s our sister, that’s why we have to deal with each other and boy, do we butt heads.”

On how that trip to Philly will go

“It makes us have to deal with one another. Because of Cookie’s actions, Carol just drops off her kids and checks out. And so we go looking for Carol together so I learn a lot more about Cookie than what I knew, like I just thought, ‘Oh, you went to jail and you’re living this rock’n’roll existence in the music industry.’ You’re going to see that Rosie O’Donnell plays one of Cookie’s homies that helps us find Carol. So Candace learns how [Cookie] lived in [jail]. They learn a lot about each other, and there’s a secret that Candace has in her vault that Carol doesn’t want Cookie to know.”

On Candace’s style

“Candace is a cross between Michelle Obama and Diahann Carroll. It’s very like Park Avenue, ladies who lunch with the Hermes purse and the scarves. She’s very upper-class. Cookie’s wardrobe is a little Jerseylicious to me. She’s got patterns and heels and glitter and all of that. They’re very different from one another.”

What did you think of last night’s episode of Empire? Are you ready to see more of Vivica on the show?

Photo Credit: FOX