‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Star Krysten Ritter Excited to Take On ‘Original, Sort of Obscure, Misfit’ Superhero


Marvel’s Jessica Jones has finally hit Netflix and star Krysten Ritter is more than excited to have the world get to know the complicated superhero.

The series stars Ritter as the titular superhero who tries to start her life over as a private investigator focusing on assisting people with extraordinary abilities and rebuilding her personal life and career as a detective after her superhero career was tragically ended.

Jessica Jones isn’t your typical female character or superhero in general and Ritter makes it no secret that she’s beyond excited and honored to bring the role to life.

“She’s such an original, sort of obscure, misfit character in the Marvel universe and I love how grounded the show is and how deeply complex and developed she is,” Ritter told Variety. “I feel like it’s such a rare opportunity to get a role like this. It’s a part that you find in some weird, dark, obscure independent movie that nobody will ever see, and fact that I get that opportunity on a Netflix platform, with the Marvel logo… it’s completely insane.

“When I first read the script — I read the first few before I got the part — I walked out of there and felt like they were the best scripts I had read and the best part that I had ever seen, available to me or not. A tough female character like this doesn’t come around every day.”

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix