‘Scandal’ Star Tony Goldwyn Teases Olitz’s Future


Scandal star Tony Goldwyn is opening up about President Grant and Olivia’s future, and the big decision Liv made, in last night’s midseason finale.


Olivia made the hugely personal decision to have an abortion in last night’s episode, without telling the baby’s daddy, Fitz. Immediately after the procedure she went back to the White House, proceeded to break up with Fitz and moved back into her apartment (purchasing a new couch to boot!). It looked like the final nail was hammered into the Olitz coffin, but it seems that the two star-crossed lovers may not be done for good (no matter how much a good bit of the fandom wants them to be).

“I think there’s hope,” Goldwyn told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if he thinks the troubled pair stand a chance of getting back together. “I think Fitz and Olivia really love each other. I may be alone at this point in thinking that, I don’t know (Laughs.) But I do, and I think when people love each other as primally as these two people do, I think they can come back from anything.”

There may be hope for Olitz to make up after the massive argument the two had, but what happens when Fitz finds out about Olivia’s abortion, which we can be sure will somehow come out on the show, in dramatic Shondaland fashion.

“I think it would be, next to the death of his son, the most gutting news he could get and frankly I don’t know how he’d recover from that,” Goldwyn told THR. “I can only assume he would because of his irrational love for Olivia… At the end of the day, it’s her body and her right, but it’s his child. And we don’t in fact know where Fitz lives on this issue. He’s a Republican but we’ve never asked that question [on the show].”

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