Warner Bros Photo Collection

The Warner Bros. Studios Photo Lab for the first time in its nearly 85-year history is offering the public a rare opportunity to directly purchase an exclusive selection of art-quality prints from its vast archival collection at www.WBPhotoCollection.com. This visceral treasure contains images from contemporary favorites and beloved Hollywood Classics of film and television, including “The Wizard of Oz”, “300”, and “Friends”.

Fans can find breathtaking images from classic film and television scenes, along with photos of their favorite actors and actresses and exclusive behind-the-scenes stills. In addition, historic and current images of the Warner Bros. Studio lot are also available for purchase.
The Collection offers photos from the following films and television shows:

A Christmas Story
Gone With the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
The Goonies
King Kong
The Lost Boys
The Dukes of Hazzard
Forbidden Planet
Gilligan’s Island
And Historic photos from the WB back lot

“Until now, Warner Bros. Studios’ vast collection of photographic images from its library of film and television properties has been available only internally,” said Greg Dyro, Director, Warner Bros. Photo Lab. “We are thrilled to make this collection of treasured Studio images available to consumers for the first time ever. Whether it’s images from the big-budget classics or photos from lesser-known cult favorites, we truly have something for everyone.”

The prints are available for direct purchase, either framed or unframed. Each photograph is an archival print on fiber-based paper, produced from an original negative or high-resolution digital scan of a vintage print. The photos generally have a one-inch border to allow for matting and to protect the image area from degradation over time. Photographic prints from the collection are created with the Giclée printing process, using the latest technology to provide sharper details than any other means of reproduction. Photographs are available as either 8×10″, 11×14″ or 16×20″ fine art prints, and orders are filled on-site, in the heart of the Warner Bros. Studio lot.

For additional information on product offerings and pricing, please visit www.WBPhotoCollection.com.

About the Warner Bros. Photo Lab
The Warner Bros. Photo Lab originated in the early days of the Studio, circa 1930s. Its primary purpose was, and remains, to process unit photography still images into proofs and prints for publicity and advertising. Today, more than ever, the Lab continues to be at the cutting edge of technology, which informs the latest process, delivery and archive of these vital images. In maintaining this expertise, the Lab employs people of various disciplines, which include scanning, retouching, graphic design, multi-media, film and archive experts. Clients include Warner Bros. Pictures and all the major Hollywood studios, independent productions, media relations firms, publicists and photographers.


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  1. Please offer stills from your 1971 classic The Omega Man. Many people love this movie. It’s a cult classic!