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Faris Humiliated By Nude Scenes

Faris Humiliated By Nude Scenes


SCARY MOVIE star ANNA FARIS was forced to break her no nudity clause for new film HOUSE BUNNY after a series of “complicating factors” with a body double forced her to bare all.

Faris made sure that her naked form was captured only from behind, but still calls the experience “humiliating”.

She says, “It was my first nude scene and it wasn’t supposed to be me.

“I had a body double and we had some complicating factors with her. It was sort of a last minute thing, where I said, ‘I’ll just go ahead and do this.’

“I was really uncomfortable. This crew that I’d been working with, that knows me when I put on my producer hat, suddenly sees me naked. It was really humiliating.”



  1. Krysie wrote: wow i didnt know the movie involved that kind of thing lol but wow… i feel bad for her. i wouldnt do that either><


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