Butler Dreams Of Another 300

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER would love to revisit his hit 300 movie, but has no idea how a prequel or a sequel would work.

The star played Spartan king Leonidas in the surprise 2006 hit, and Butler loved everything about the movie.

It also brought him a lot of attention, which he has failed to match since.

He explains, “You’ve got to move on and it’s a shame because there’s a part of you that thinks, ‘I was so attached to that movie and it’s success and what it meant to me.’

“There’s a part of you that wants to pull that off again… I heard some back room chatter about another 300 movie. I don’t know if it would be a sequel or a prequel but I haven’t read anything. I can’t see it myself, the idea in general. I’m not sure which way they would go with that.

“When Russell Crowe did Gladiator he didn’t come back and do another one.
Like mine, his character died.”


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